Who owns chipotle restaurant?

Answer Steven Ellis is the owner and CEO of the ever-growing chain of Chipotle Mexican restaurants. McDonald's once had a majority share of the company, but McDonald's become fully divested of Chipotle st... Read More »

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Is everything in Chipotle restaurant spicy?

Not at all! Get the veggie is THE BEST. Even if you aren't vegetarian, I promise you will love it. You get guacamole on it without an added fee too :) And the guacamole is completely n... Read More »

Where was the first KFC restaurant?

The first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise restaurant was located in Salt Lake City. It was owned by Leon Harman, who opened it in 1952. KFC founder Harland Sanders, the "Colonel", awarded Harman t... Read More »

Was there ever an incident where you saw something in the Deli/Restaurant that u was going to eat in & it->?

One time i was with my mother and aunt at a pizza hut when i noticed a person cleaning the work station with a dirty rag..then i watched this person proceed to prepare our pizza WITHOUT washing han... Read More »

Where is a good restaurant to go to in Santa Monica for a first date?

There's this Italian restaurant called Cucini that is gorgeous and the pation is also pretty. The food is standard Italian fair, ravioli, lasagna, but they also have fish.