Is there a mcdonalds restaurant in bahrain,,where is it exactly located?

Answer I have no idea. If anyone know's couple tricks would like to know of them as well.

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How old do you have to be to work at Applebees, or a similar restaurant, or McDonalds, or a similar restaurant?

15 in some states with a work permit from your school.At 16 you can apply anywhere. If you make it a career tell the hiring manager thatand he will be far more likely to hire you. They love Waitres... Read More »

How many Mcdonalds Restaurant employees are there in Michigan?

I did a little research.1. McDonald's operates over 31,000 restaurants worldwide, employing more than 1.5 million people.2. According to a count of towns on the website, there are Mc... Read More »

Where in Virginia, is a Sonic Restaurant Located?

There is one in Fredericksburg, VAThere are none in DCThere are none in MD but there are 3 near Lancaster, PA and 2 in DE.

What is your favorite restaurant, state where it is located, please!?