Where was the electromagnet first discovered?

Answer William Sturgeon is credited as the first person to ever create an electromagnet. Sturgeon built the first practical application of an electromagnet in Britain in the year 1825. He would later inv... Read More »

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Where was cholera first discovered?

Cholera was discovered by Filippo Pacini in 1854 in India during the Asiatic Cholera pandemic. It was later re-discovered by both John Snow and Robert Koch

Where were tomato plants first discovered?

Aztecs and Incas had been cultivating wild tomatoes for centuries, but Spanish explorers discovered use of tomatoes in the 500s upon landing in Central and South America. Tomato plants were then im... Read More »

Where were cell phones first created or discovered?

The cell phone was developed by Motorola researchers working out of Chicago, Washington, D.C., and New York City. In 1983, Motorola released the first commercial wireless portable cell phone to the... Read More »

Who made the first electromagnet?

The first electromagnet to ever be made was created by British electrical engineer William Sturgeon in 1825 based off of the discovery of electromagnetism by Hans Christian Oersted in 1820, a Danis... Read More »