Where was the elastic band invented?

Answer The elastic band, also called rubber band, was invented in England. Stephen Perry, the inventor, patented his invention in London on March 17, 1845. He thought of the rubber band as a device to hol... Read More »

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How to Use an Elastic Exercise Band?

Elastic exercise bands have been used in aerobic studios around the world for years, but it has only been fairly recently that they have made their way out of the studio and into homes. They are ma... Read More »

How does the elastic band stretch?

Elastic bands, more commonly known as rubber bands, are used to hold flower arrangements and vegetables together at the market, sort mail in the post office, and hold rolls of change together at th... Read More »

How to Widen an Elastic Band?

If you have recently lost weight and gained it back, you may need to adjust your waistband. Many times, the first sign of weight gain is that your clothes feel tighter around the waist. It may be a... Read More »

How to Make Synthetic Dreadlocks on an Elastic Hair Band?

If you can't wear dreadlocks in your daily life but want the option of wearing them for parties, performances and special events, make your own synthetic dreadlocks on an elastic hair band. Synthet... Read More »