Where was the bust of Nefertiti discovered?

Answer The bust of Nefertiti was discovered in 1912 in Amarna, Egypt, by German-born Egyptologist Ludwig Borchardt. Nefertiti lived between 1370 B.C. to 1330 B.C., and was the wife of Egyptian pharaoh Akh... Read More »

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Where did the Egyptian queen Nefertiti live?

The ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti lived in the city of Tel El Amarna with the pharaoh Akhenaten and their children, according to Minnesota State University Mankato. Tel El Amarna had a populatio... Read More »

Do we measure bust-waist-hips or bust-waist-thighs?

Bust: Fullest circumference around your breasts and back.Waist: Narrowest circumference of your torso, usually located slightly above the belly button.Hips: Largest circumference of your butt and t... Read More »

How to Make a Nefertiti Headdress?

Nefertiti is one of the most recognizable Egyptian queens, due to the sculpture of her that was found in 1914. Her blue, almost helmet-like headpiece marks her as a ruling queen because it's shaped... Read More »

Where was OxiClean discovered?

OxiClean, a stain remover in powder form that is activated when added to water, was created in 1997 by Orange Glo International of Greenwood Village, Colorado. The product is marketed through infom... Read More »