Where was the battle of lexington?

Answer The Battle of Lexington was fought on April 19, 1775 at Lexington, a village west of Boston, Massachusetts. It was the first battle in the Revolutionary War. Eight Americans were killed and 10 were... Read More »

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Who won the battle of lexington?

The British won the Battle of Lexington. The Americans numbered only 77 hastily assembled colonial men. Shots were exchanged, killing eight Americans and wounding 10. One British soldier was killed... Read More »

When did the battle of lexington end?

The Battle of Lexington began in the early morning hours of April 19, 1775, and ended that afternoon. The British were surprised by the much smaller contingent of American militiamen and were force... Read More »

Why did the Battle of Lexington start?

The April 1775 Battle of Lexington took place against a background of deteriorating relations between the British government and its colonists, particularly in New England. The British dispatched s... Read More »

When did the battle of lexington&concord end?

The Battle of Lexington and Concord was a short battle that began on April 18, 1775, and ended just 24 hours later on April 19, 1775, in Boston. The British lost 273 soldiers in the battle.Source:A... Read More »