Where was the Statue of Liberty assembled?

Answer Though the Statue of Liberty was built in France, it had to be disassembled to transport it to the United States. It was then reassembled in four months after its arrival on Liberty Island in June,... Read More »

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Where is the Statue of Liberty in the water?

The Statue of Liberty resides on Liberty Island, a 12-acre plot of land in New York Harbor just off Manhattan. It was dedicated on October 28, 1886, and was declared a national monument in 1924.Sou... Read More »

Where is the Statue of Liberty in Georgia?

The Statue of Liberty replica in Georgia is located in McRae. The town constructed the replica in 1986 to honor the 100th birthday of the original Lady Liberty. McRae has about 2,500 residents and ... Read More »

Where exactly is the Statue of Liberty?

The Statue of Liberty is on Liberty Island, which is near Ellis Island in New York Harbor. Its exact location is Latitude 40°41.3’N and longitude 74°02.7’W. The National Park Service maintain... Read More »

Where is the third statue of liberty?

Aside from New York, there are two other Statues of Liberty, both in France. The original life-sized statue was placed in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris. The other statue, approximately 35 feet ta... Read More »