Where was the ISO 9000 introduced?

Answer The International Standards for Organization (ISO) 9000 was introduced at the ISO Central Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland. Technical committees develop the ISO standards, after which they publis... Read More »

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Where were otters introduced to NZ?

Otters are native to all continents with the exception of Antarctica, Australia and New Zealand. Otters living in New Zealand are the result of escapes from zoos or private owners. There are report... Read More »

Where was iPhone first introduced?

Where was the typewriter first introduced?

The first practical typewriter machine was invented in Milwaukee, Wis., in 1867. The inventor was printer, publisher and politician Christopher Sholes, assisted by Carlos Glidden and Samuel Soule. ... Read More »

Where and when was the first credit card introduced?

The first widely used credit card, the Diners' Club card, was introduced by New York business man Frank McNamara in 1950. The Diners' Club card was used primarily for dining and entertainment, and ... Read More »