Where was the Buescher alto saxophone made?

Answer Ferdinand August Buescher founded the Buescher Manufacturing Company in 1895, and changed the name to Buescher Band Instrument Company in 1904. Buescher established his company in Elkhart, Indiana.... Read More »

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The History of the Buescher Saxophone Makers?

The Buescher Band Instrument Company is considered by many musicians to have been one of the finest saxophone makers in the world. Although the company no longer exists, its instruments remain eage... Read More »

How to Put Your Alto Saxophone Together?

This article is to tell you how to put an Alto Saxophone together. It goes from the reed to the body!

What is an alto saxophone?

An alto saxophone is one variety of saxophone, an instrument invented in the 1800s by the Belgian Antoine-Joseph Sax, who combined the mouthpiece of a woodwind instrument with the body of a brass i... Read More »

How to Play the Alto Saxophone?

The alto saxophone is one of the most common saxophones in modern musical groups, and is often the instrument that people picture when they hear the general term "saxophone". It is pitched in E fla... Read More »