Where was the Betsy Ross American flag made?

Answer In May 1776, Betsy Ross completed the first American flag, which had 13 stars and stripes, at her residence at 239 Arch Street in Philadelphia. It has been argued that the space right next to 239, ... Read More »

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Where was the Betsy Ross flag made?

The Continental Congress, including George Washington, Robert Morris and George Ross, came to Betsy Ross' home in May of 1776 and asked her to make the American Flag. Betsy Ross was a seamstress in... Read More »

How big is the flag made by Betsy Ross?

Betsy Ross may not have made the first American flag as her grandson William Canby claimed, though historians believe she was involved. If she did, then because she frequently made ship's colors (f... Read More »

Why did Betsy Ross make the first American flag?

Betsy Ross, a Philadelphia upholsterer during the American Revolutionary War, received credit for making the first American flag, though no documented proof exists that she made it. Ross' grandson ... Read More »

When did Betsy Ross sew the first American flag?

Legend has it that Betsy Ross was commissioned by George Washington, Robert Morris and George Ross to sew the first American flag in May, 1777. The Continental Congress officially adopted the flag ... Read More »