Where was pop invented?

Answer Pop originates in the "fixed air" experiments of philosopher-chemist Joseph Priestley in Leeds, England, which produced carbonated or "soda" water. "Soda pop," a combination of soda and flavorings,... Read More »

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Who invented the spaceship and where was it invented?

Answer: The Space Ship Was Invented In 1453. The Inventor was named John Hillman Jockenhowser, Though He Was A College Dropout He Was Very Intelligent.

Give detail why head phones where invented and where it used first time?

My understanding is that when you plug your headphones into the computer and try to play a song on iTunes, the sound does not work. The first fix to try is to make sure the headphones actually con... Read More »

Where was hdtv invented?

High definition television is a development more than an invention. The way HDTV operates was agreed some 3 decades back by committees of experts around the world. Broadcasting bodies in North Am... Read More »

Where was lip gloss invented?

Max Factor invented lip gloss in the 1930's in America.