Where was little house on the prairie filmed?

Answer The popular "Little House on the Prairie" family television show was filmed in 11 different locations during its nine-year run. Although all of the interior scenes were shot at Paramount Studios in... Read More »

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What happened to decent moral TV shows like Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons?

They don't exist anymore because networks think that everyone wants to watch filth and trashy shows. They don't realize that some people don't like those types of shows, but prefer good wholesome s... Read More »

Where was the movie"Animal House"filmed?

"Animal House" was filmed on location in Eugene, Oregon. The 1978 Universal Pictures film, directed by John Landis, was filmed on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene. Additional locations inc... Read More »

The house That's So Raven is filmed does she live in that house?

What is the name of the x files episode or episodes filmed at the little alien inn and or rachel Nevada?

There have been a lot and you can probably find it on the American Idol site. I am not positive though.