Where did the Jamestown Settlement obtain the seeds for its successful tobacco crop?

Answer The Jamestown Settlement obtained the seeds for its tobacco crop from John Rolfe. It is unclear where Rolfe first got the seeds as they were illegal to sell to any non-Spaniard, but he most likely ... Read More »

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New Restaurants in Jamestown, North Carolina?

Regarded as one of the gems of the South, Jamestown, North Carolina, is home to many sites of historical importance. Well-known historic sites include the public library and the Mendenhall Plantati... Read More »

How did the first settlers in Jamestown, VA survive?

The Jamestown settlement was founded in Virginia in 1607. It was the first successful English colony in North America. However, the early settlers were to face a number of situations that would put... Read More »

What happened to the Jamestown Lounge company?

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How did tobacco help save the settlement at jamestown?

Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in America, but the colony struggled in the beginning. Ninety percent of the colonists died during the seven years between initial settlement a... Read More »