Where was hydroelectric power first used to make electricity?

Answer Hydroelectric power was first used to make electricity in the Mayflower Mine in Nevada City, Calif. Called the Pelton wheel, it harnessed the energy from flowing water to produce electricity throug... Read More »

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What type of condenser is used in solar power electricity conversion?

The most common type of condenser in modern solar power systems is the tube-and-shell heat exchangers. It requires a constant supply of cool water to reject heat from its intermediate water loop.Re... Read More »

Hydroelectric Vs. Thermal Power?

Energy sources are under constant development, with scientists seeking sources that are cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly. The U.S. Department of Energy announced in 2011 tha... Read More »

Types of Hydroelectric Power Generators?

Generators are used to convert mechanical energy into electricity, or electrical energy. A hydroelectric generator operates by changing the mechanical energy of falling or stationary water into ele... Read More »

Is hydroelectric power renewable or nonrenewable?

Hydroelectric power, power generated from moving water, is renewable, meaning it is naturally replenished. Hydroelectric power is clean, meaning that it doesn't pollute the environment. The facilit... Read More »