Where was hdtv invented?

Answer High definition television is a development more than an invention. The way HDTV operates was agreed some 3 decades back by committees of experts around the world. Broadcasting bodies in North Am... Read More »

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When and who invented HDTV?

HDTV was not an invention as such. The standards for HD television were developed and agreed between various televisions standards committees and television companies around the beginning of the 19... Read More »

What HDTV should I buy and where?

LG 60PA6500 60-Inch 1080p 600 Hz Plasma HDTV V works great, auto adjusts for ambient light. The TV was easy to install, easy to understand. Hopefully it will be like all my other highly rated Consu... Read More »

Where do you get repair for Ultra LCD HDTV?

If Ultra is the name brand it is an off brand and you will probably have difficulty finding out which manufacterer even made the TV. Even if you are able to find that information out it is often mo... Read More »

If I buy a HDTV convertor box that is coming out, I won't need a Dish HD receiver or HDTV?

You are correct. The converter box will convert the over the air antenna signal from digital to analog for old TVs. From your question, i'm assuming you are presently using an antenna. Those who us... Read More »