Where was gunpowder invented?

Answer Gunpowder was invented in ancient China, most likely in the early 9th century; the Chinese utilized gunpowder to launch rockets and catapult weapons, and create explosive bombs for use in battle.So... Read More »

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What famous person invented a flying machine that was powered by gunpowder?

In 1805 Sir George Cayley, regarded by many as the father of aviation, imagined that humanity would fly with the aid of small flapping wings. In 1807 he built a gunpowder engine that may have been ... Read More »

Homemade Gunpowder?

Homemaqde gunpowder is often called black powder, because of its characteristic black color. The Chinese made gunpowder about 850 A.D., though they did not use it for military purposes until almost... Read More »

How to Make Gunpowder?

This is a very simple way to make high quality ball milled black powder.

What are the benefits of gunpowder tea?

Gunpowder tea---also known as pearl tea---is a type of Chinese green tea that tastes slightly minty and smoky. In spite of its name, it does not actually contain gunpowder. It is called gunpowder... Read More »