Where was chutney invented?

Answer Chutney (in Hindi called "chatni"), a relish made from fruits or vegetables mixed with spices, originated in India. Chutney may be fresh or cooked, sweet or sour, spicy or mild, and is often served... Read More »

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Who invented chutney?

Chutney, a sweet fruit and vinegar relish, originated in India. The name "chutney" comes from its name in Hindi, "chatni." When the British began to colonize India in the 17th century, they exporte... Read More »

How to Make Imli Ki Chutney (Tamarind Chutney)?

This imli ki chutney form a great dip for samosa and is also an integral part of many chat items (A variety of savoury snacks)

How to Freeze Chutney?

Chutney, which derives from traditional East Indian cuisine, is a relish condiment that contains different herbs, flavorings, fruits and vegetables. You can preserve the chutney by canning it or st... Read More »

How to Make Date Chutney?

A simple and easy recipe to tantalize your taste buds. This chutney delight can be eaten with savories and light snacks and can be used as a dip for oven fried chips or light crispy chips.