Where was Miracle-Gro invented?

Answer It was invented in Geneva, New York, by nurseryman Otto Stern and businessman Horace Hagedorn.

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Who invented Miracle Gro?

Geneva, New York, nurseryman Otto Stern and businessman Horace Hagedorn developed a water-soluble fertilizer with the technical aid of O. Wesley Davison, a Rutgers University professor and orchid e... Read More »

What is in Miracle Gro?

Miracle-Gro is an all-purpose plant food and water-soluble fertilizer ideal for both gardening and houseplants. The following chemicals are present in Miracle-Gro: Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potash, Boro... Read More »

Do you consider this a miracle or not?

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What is in Miracle-Gro?

Miracle-Gro is plant food that helps gardeners grow healthy, strong vegetables and flowers. Produced by the ScottsMiracle-Gro Company, the plant food is available as an all-purpose feeder or formul... Read More »