Who is the blonde girl in the Gene Simmons Family Jewels episode firefighter Gene?

Answer shannon

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Where can i watch full episodes of gene simmons family jewels? search for it top right, click the link, pick the episode you want to watch and click the links under sources! You can watch them on A&E Sundays at 9pm

Who are Gene Simmons Siblings?

Gene Simmons is an only child. Born in Israel his parents moved Gene to New York City when he was young. His father left him and his mother when he was a child but, Gene holds no grudges and when h... Read More »

Was gene simmons ever in the us army?

yes... the kiss army! but seriously hes never been in the army but his daughter had to do a report for the army so he took her to a camp and they did boot camp but he faild horribly

Is Gene Simmons tongue real?