Where did Christopher Columbus go to school?

Answer Credited with an amazing discovery that changed the world perception, relatively little is known about Christopher Columbus' personal life. Facts reveal he was born to a family of wool weavers in G... Read More »

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To what school did Christopher Columbus go?

Christopher Columbus's father sent him to the University of Padua to receive an education. At the university, Columbus studied Latin, grammar, geometry, geography, astronomy, and navigation. He sta... Read More »

Christopher Columbus Activities for First Grade?

Christopher Columbus is honored in the U.S. on the second Monday of October, when Columbus Day celebrates Columbus' 1492 voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to America. You can use crafts and other ac... Read More »

How to Teach a 6 Year Old About Christopher Columbus?

Learning about Christopher Columbus introduces young children to numerous important subjects including European and Native American history, geography and the science of nautical travel. As you cre... Read More »

What was the date of Christopher Columbus'birth?

Christopher Columbus was born Cristobal Colon in Genoa, Italy in 1451; the exact date is unknown. Though little is known about his early life, he is famous for having discovered America in 1492.Ref... Read More »