Where was Babylon?

Answer According to The British Museum, the Mesopotamian city of Babylon was located within modern-day Iraq. Located about 60 miles south of Baghdad on the Euphrates River, Babylon was the largest ancient... Read More »

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Where is Babylon on a map?

Babylon, which was the ancient capital city of the Mesopotamian empire Babylonia, was located in what is now southern Iraq on the Euphrates River. The city was an important cultural and trading cen... Read More »

Where is modern-day Babylon?

According to the Army Live and Uruk Link websites, the ruins of Babylon can be found in the modern city of Al Hillah, Iraq. During Sadaam Hussein's regime, many famous buildings and architectural f... Read More »

Where was Babylon located?

The ancient desert city of Babylon was located in the country we now call Iraq, about 55 miles south of Baghdad. Babylon was between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and it was the capital of this r... Read More »

Where is ancient Babylon?

Babylon was on the Euphrates River in southern Iraq, according to the Minnesota State University EMuseum. Nebuchadnezzar (604-562 B.C.) oversaw the construction of the Hanging Gardens, one of the S... Read More »