Where to visit in Switzerland if I only have two days?

Answer First, there ain't polka in Switzerland. Then a beautiful area is Gruyère, in the canton of Fribourg. That's really magical, you feel like you're in a castle (I loved to go there when I was a kid)... Read More »

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What should visit in switzerland in 3 days?

There is no country called "Swiss". If you want to know what to do in Switzerland in three days: Use the "Ask" windows (;_y… ) in order to get instant answers... Read More »

I am going to Switzerland for few days but not sure which place is good to visit?

Switzerland is a very tourist centered country, a result of having a multitude of places to see. I lived in Switzerland for 2 years and was still not able to see all the sites. However, there are a... Read More »

What are the 3 best places to visit in Switzerland in end of February for 3 Days Please Reply.?

Go on to the Jungfrau Joch, it would take a full day since it takes over 2 hours to get from Interlaken to the top. I would suggest to have lunch there and come back down, and have supper in Grinde... Read More »

Could someone suggest good places to visit in switzerland in 3 days starting from zurich?

Thanks for the one million dollar question which has been asked her about a zillion times. Please go to the "Ask" windows (;_y… ) in order to get thousands of... Read More »