Where to send form 1040-V when I e-file?

Answer After you have e-filed your tax returns and need to send in a payment using the 1040-V form, you will send the check and voucher to the address that is assigned to your state found at irs.ustreas.g... Read More »

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Do i need to send in my state tax form with my 1040?

A 1040 form is the federal tax form that tax payers must fill out and send to the Internal Revenue Service before April 15. A state tax form does not need to be submitted to the IRS with the 1040.S... Read More »

When do you have to file a Schedule B with Form 1040?

The Schedule B form is a tax form for business owners who have paid employees. This form reports your federal employment tax liabilities to the Internal Revenue Service. You must file this schedule... Read More »

What is a 1040 form used for?

The 1040 is a lesser used and more complicated tax form, but may save you more money. However, you generally have to place in the highest income bracket to see any benefits. In addition, people oft... Read More »

How to Fill out IRS Form 1040?

Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) Form 1040 is used to calculate and file yearly income tax returns with the IRS. Most individuals, including married couples, who earned more than $3,700 for the... Read More »