Where to register for appartments owners association?

Answer If you are a new owner or new resident, you can register as soon as possible after taking possession or occupancy. Contact a board member or the association's property manager for details. If you ... Read More »

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What is the difference between a property owners association and a home owners association?

There really is no difference, except for the styling of the name. Both organizations operate through covenants and bylaws recorded against a group of properties with the goal of making said proper... Read More »

Can the home owners association refuse owners gate access codes?

Work with your board and your association manager to most fully understand why access is being denied. For example: It is possible that your governing documents specify that when you do not pay you... Read More »

Where would you find grants for a Florida Home Owners Association?

Although your association may be a valid Florida non-profit corporation, grants are not generally a source of income. Association income is based on assessments paid by owners.

Can a board member of a Home Owners Association be a paid employee of the association?

It doesn't sound like a good idea because of a conflict of interests. HOWEVER: you would have to research the wording of your HOA documents to determine if this is prohibited or not.