Where to go with a gifted child?

Answer my story-my daughter was in the same boat. and i was given a terrible run around because i'm a young, single mom. i called the school district and said that i wanted her to be tested to start schoo... Read More »

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Why gifted child is considered a special child?

A gifted child is considered a special child because advanced intellect or talent creates a need for education that is different than the education that is presented to them in the classroom. Some ... Read More »

How to Tell if a Child Is Gifted?

Giftedness is not a disease, mental illness or disability. Neither is it better than being "normal." It is simply when your brain thinks in a different way. Is your child, or a child you know, Gift... Read More »

How do you treat gifted child?

All children need to express themselves. There is no difference in a child who stutters/stammers and a child who does not. We should be good listeners and allow all children to learn to express the... Read More »

How to Identify a Gifted Child?

Gifted?Most parents view their offspring as exceptional, and that's a good thing. If parents didn't see their children as special, few would survive adolescence. But how does a parent or teacher kn... Read More »