Where to go to confirm a company is licensed bonded and insured?

Answer Licensing: check with the entity who issues licenses (probably your state)Insurance & bonding: Ask for a certificate, and call the companies listed and the agent to confirm.

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What is licensed bonded and insured?

Answer license......a business permit issued by a city or county government. The term bonded or insured is basically the same thing. Bonded usually applies if someone handles money or other valuab... Read More »

How do you become licensed bonded and insured to do property management?

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Does a pet waste disposal company need to be bonded and insured?

Wouldn't hurt, I'd contact an agent and seek advise on what risks might be associated with this business that I need protection from.

How to Start a Professional Licensed and Bonded Deck Cleaning Company?

A deck can get more wear and tear than the rest of the house, because of its exposure to the elements, yet, it's often the last thing to be cleaned. When it's time to clean it, the mud and dirt hav... Read More »