Where to get resin mould?

Answer can you elaborate the question please, wat r u gonna know actually.

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Are fiberglass boats made out of expoxy resin or polyester resin?

Until recently, fiberglass boats were constructed and repaired with polyester resin. During the mid 1980s, epoxy resin came on to the scene and began to be used for construction and repairs more so... Read More »

PLEASE HELP!! I accidentally ate mould!!?

You really should talk to a doctor or even the poison control center to ask about this, rather than the internet community, but in most likelihood you'll be perfectly fine. Our environment and the... Read More »

BLACK MOULD! Please Help!!?

Mold - Mould However you spell it is no doubt a result of damp. In a bathroom it normally indicates a lack of ventilation.A quick fix to kill the spores would be to use neat bleach (no children ar... Read More »

What mould contains spores?