Where to get good quality living room furniture in Houston Texas that is not over priced?

Answer In no particular order:Gallery Furniture - but it can be priceyIkeaFingersFingers - Outlet (off of I-45 near Lockwood/UofH)Lee Blum FurnitureStar Furnitureand there's a really good store off of 45-... Read More »

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I've good quality curtains in the living room but now I want to add sheer drapes/curtains behind?

You will need some type of double rod system. This link shows/tells you how to install one.…

Can anyone recommend a tai chi exercise DVD for me. I'm a beginner and need a good priced quality video.?

Amazon has a good selection - most have good users review/ratings.

How to Set Up Living Room Furniture?

The living room is typically the place in the home where guests congregate and where homeowners watch television or play video games. The placement of living room furniture should lend itself to a... Read More »

How can I arrange my living room furniture?

In arranging your living room furniture you can often read the home and gardening magaizines to help you get ideas. There are many programs for computers that will allow you to move the furniture a... Read More »