Where to find refurbished apple products in US?

Answer you can find them in and their is also used ones.

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Are Apple Refurbished Products eligible for Employee discounts?

Isn't that a question for the place you work? Apple!

Where can i find brand-new but cheap apple products?

I think the cheapest Apple stuff you'll find is the Apple refurbished stuff - which is awesome.…

What does refurbished products mean?

A refurbished product is one that was sent back to the manufacturer by the retailer to be restored to a like-new condition, after it was returned by a customer who used it. If the product was never... Read More »

How Can I Be Sure the Refurbished Products I Am Getting Are Reliable?

Instead of paying two thousand dollars for a new laptop, you can often find a refurbished model for as little as half that price. Refurbished merchandise consists of items previously sold that have... Read More »