Where to find newest video cards?

Answer Go to the website for the company for which you want to buy. Nowadays, every computer hardware maker has its own website where you can easily browse for the latest items and even look for a particu... Read More »

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What is the newest thing in the iPhone 4S app or hd video?

I have an iphone 4s 16gb and i have more than 2000 pics but my sister also have an iphone 4s 16gb and have 1000 pictures and it will often say to delete some photos or videos or she will be not all... Read More »

Is my newest youtube video good?

Difference Between Video Cards & Graphics Cards?

There is no difference between a video card and a graphics card; however, there is a difference between a video card and integrated graphics, and basic knowledge of computer hardware can help you u... Read More »

Video card poll for all you computer people: Can you list all the video cards you have owned?

Blockbuster,Civic Video,Ryde Rentals and the one down the road that gives you a free bag of popcorn when you hire out 5 or more videos.BQ: Seeing as the 2nd one sounds like a venereal disease luv I... Read More »