Where to find free biology notes?

Answer take them in class you lazy person

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How to Take Biology Notes?

Taking notes in classes and lectures is extremely important especially when it comes to preparing for quizzes and exams. Some students use pencil and paper while others have started taking laptops ... Read More »

How to Read Guitar Notes for Free?

Guitar notation differs from standard musical notation. Rather than a staff, clef, time signature and key signature, guitar notation is called tablature. A typical guitar tablature page, or tab, co... Read More »

How to Take Notes and Find Them when You Need Them?

A binder is a good way for note keepingKeeping notes is a very good way to get great grades. But what is the best way to write them? And how do I maintain them? This article looks into several ways... Read More »

In relation to the brim in pregnancy why would your midwife put free on your notes?

Answer It just means that the baby's head is not yet fixed in your pelvis, it can still move from side to side.If you are 36 weeksor less this is quite normal, as it is if it is your second or sub... Read More »