Where to find facebook tag yourself disney?

Answer This one has other movies. have disney Read More »

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How do i find someone on facebook that lives in ireland, I have tried my search from my facebook and it didn't?

If you have her email address then paste it into the facebook search bar, what's her name, i probably know her lol

Facebook club called "97% of people have never seen Disney's most shocking hidden message"?

Wow, don't fall for that stuff. Ever. All of these fan pages do the same thing, TAKE YOU TO VIRUS-FILLED SURVEY SITES. Do not fall for it.In the little mermaid, the priest had an "erection" (it loo... Read More »

How to Find Out How Old a Disney Watch Is?

Owning a Disney watch means having both a time piece and nostalgic collectible. The first one, manufactured 1933, featured Mickey Mouse and cost only $3.25. They cost a lot more today, and they are... Read More »

Where can you find a Disney's Tarzan Case?