Where to find a second-hand DV camera for film-making?

Answer If I were you, get a canon gl2. yeah, i know, you cant change the lens, but its got a 20x fluorite lens anyways, and besides, lenses cost a LOT of money. Also, its newer, has better quality, and is... Read More »

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Where can you find ipad2 used or second hand in UK?

You should get a laptop if you are a gamer. If you play for Instance if you play Wizard 101 then you re able to download it on your computer. If you like apps and music the Ipad is definetly for yo... Read More »

Where can you find second hand turbo chef ovens?

Best refrigerator company is Whirlpool. And In India, Whirlpool products are the best.

Where could I find grants for making an independent film?

Try this site it lists alot of themIt has a list of organizations that give grants on a regular basis. >> SCREENWRITING GRANTS >>The Nicholl Fellowships in ScreenwritingThe Nicholl Fellowships in S... Read More »

Where can I find a Film and Digital combo Camera?

Leica made a digital back that's compatible with their R8 & R9 film SLRs.Leaf makes a Phase One digital back for the Mamiya 645D and various Aptus models up to 56MP for various medium format and 4x... Read More »