Where to find a Chocolate making date place!?

Answer Not sure if this is too far a drive for you, but check out the class below:…

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Why is China making chocolate?

Through Western influence, since the 1970s, the Chinese have developed an affinity for chocolate. This and the high Western demand for chocolate have resulted in increased chocolate production in C... Read More »

Making chocolate cupcakes?

Adding chocolate to muffin batter will not give you chocolate cupcakes. It will give you chocolate muffins. The texture of muffins is different from cupcakes.But yes, you can add cooled melted ch... Read More »

How to Use Bittersweet Chocolate in Candy Making?

While it may be the star ingredient in one of America's favorite cookies, bittersweet chocolate isn't good only for baking. While most people are familiar with milk and dark chocolate candies, they... Read More »

How to Use Chocolate Spread for Making Desserts?

Chocolate spread on toast.Want tasty chocolate, gourmet desserts for a cheap price and the convenience of your own house? Simply use Chocolate spread!