Where to eat good southern food in Nashville, TN?

Answer Check on've done several specials on Nashville; also, google Nashville restaurants; you'll find quite a few!

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I need help naming my food truck. southern (sol food) theme?

What is the difference between Southern and Northern US food?

im a southern cook, so i can help you out with that more than northern. southern got a lot of its staples from native americans and africans. There are many staple dishes that came from people li... Read More »

Food Safety Certification in Southern California?

The law in California requires at least one employee or the owner of a food service provider to know how to keep, cook and serve food safely. Food contamination or poisoning is responsible for 76 m... Read More »

I need to make a soul food /Southern Meal for my hubby !?

Yeah, pinto beans, turnip greens, fried chicken, cornbread, fried potatoes and pecan pie. The pecan pie recipe is on the back of a jar of karo light corn syrup. Pinto beans: Get dried beans at t... Read More »