Where to buy retinal scanner?

Answer…… a while to find these but this was all I could find.....

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Is there a real Not A Joke Or Prank retinal eye scanner lock for android?

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Retinal Fatigue?

Retinal fatigue is a temporary effect that alters the mind's perception of certain objects and patterns. It is caused by excessively stimulating the eye with a certain image, and the effects can be... Read More »

Retinal Dysplasia in Dogs?

Retinal dysplasia or RD is a congenital condition that may cause visual impairment in dogs. Some dogs with this condition will have no outward symptoms, while severe cases of retinal dysplasia can ... Read More »

How likely is a retinal tear/detachment. PLEASE help me.?

If your only risk is that you are -6.00, it is not much of a risk.