Where to buy maxent tv parts?

Answer some maxent parts can be found at shopjimmy .com theseparts are pulled from used working sets hope this helps

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What is the quality of a maxent tv?

On One Hand: Average RatingsMaxent is often praised for its low-cost HDTVs, but the televisions are rated average. According to CNET, the picture quality of Maxent's 50-inch MX-5020HPM plasma lacks... Read More »

Who makes Maxent TVs?

Maxent TVs are manufactured by Sampo Corporation of Taiwan. Maxent is a trademark owned by Sampo and filed in the U.S. in 2003. Sampo manufactures a number of household appliances, including TVs, r... Read More »

Who makes the Maxent plasma TV?

The Maxent line of plasma televisions is manufactured by Regent USA. The company is located in City of Industry, California. Regent USA employs a staff of less than 50 employees and claims an annua... Read More »

My Maxent MX42VM10 is not turning on.?

there is a trouble on power supply.....usually bad capacitors .