Where to buy digital camera lens adapter in India?

Answer you take it off of hold by sliding the button the other way

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What is a digital camera lens adapter?

It is a lens that mounts on the end of your camera lens. Some are wide angle adaptors (0.75x is an example) and some are multipliers (1.5x or 2x) which move you half the distance to the subject you... Read More »

Where can you purchase an Olympus om lens to a nikon digital camera adapter?

I seem to be in the same boat as you, therefore my advice maybe no help, but i have heard great things about this particular camera and am looking forward to getting one soon.If you are a relitive ... Read More »

Can you use a 3.7v ac adapter for a digital camera that recommends a 4.3v adapter?

NO! It will fry your device. Use same V and possibly higher amp rated adapter.

Is there an adapter to use ae1 lens on canon digital cameras?

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