Where to buy d3000 camera in the Philippines?

Answer yes

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How much is the Nikon D3000 in the Philippines?

We don't know how cost. Nikon D3000 is not yet release. You ask your friend.

Which Nikon SLR camera is better the d3000 or d3100?

The main differences between the two is that the 3100 can record video, has 4 extra mega-pixels and has a better AF system and costs about $200 more. As an amateur, you wouldn't be able to notice a... Read More »

Is the Nikon D3000 a good camera?

Is a nikon camera d40 d40x or d3000 better?

The newest Nikon D3000 is the best. Not only is it newest and has all these new features, but it has more megapixels and would be the same price as the other two. The Nikon D40 is great and all, bu... Read More »