How to Take Advantage of Junk Coin Bins at Coin Shops?

Answer If you've ever visited a coin shop, you've seen them. Dealers like to have bins of mixed foreign coins, oftentimes at around 15-20 cents each. These bins can be a goldmine for bullion and foreign c... Read More »

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How to Simulate a Biased Coin Toss With a Fair Coin?

We often use a coin toss to choose from two equally preferable outcomes, but can also use one to break a three way tie, or in other situations where you want a probability distribution other than 5... Read More »

How to Simulate a Fair Coin Toss With a Biased Coin?

Coin tosses are a popular way of picking a random winner. Usually it suffices to simply nominate one outcome heads, the other tails, and flip the coin to decide, but what if one party to the disput... Read More »

Where was the coin invented?

The first coins were invented in Lydia in 620 B.C.E. Coin making eventually spread to the cities of Ionia, which is on the Aegean coast. The idea further spread to the Greek world. The coin in anci... Read More »

Where can I find coin auctions?

Coin auctions are a great way for coin enthusiasts to buy and sell coins. Finding the right coin auction depends on what you are looking for in terms of the services offered. The Internet offers va... Read More »