Where to buy a power chord for my scanner?

Answer It'd be helpful if you provide the exact model, but here's the basic one for Epson scanners from Amazon, just 1.79 or something like that: Read More »

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What is the c9 power chord?

A C9 power chord is a variation on the standard four-note power chord voicing. Rather than consisting of a root (C), a fifth (G) an octave of the root (C) and a fourth (F), the third note is droppe... Read More »

How to Play a Power Chord?

Have you ever wondered how all the awesome bands play awesome rock, hardcore rock, and metal songs? well your at the right place.

How to Make a Power Chord?

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Guitar Power Chord Pattern Ideas?

Power chords are nothing more than regular chords with a few notes missing; sometimes known as "cheater chords" they are the first few notes of basic bar chords. Normally power chords are associate... Read More »