Where to buy A2500 Electronic Dictionary in Malaysia(Penang)?

Answer Try in online stores like Ebay

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How to Buy a Translator / Electronic Dictionary?

Attempting to learn a new language? An electronic dictionary [or a translator] may be a very good investment if you're serious enough about it. This article will focus mainly on CJK electronic dict... Read More »

Does anyone know what's a good electronic german to english dictionary/translator Thx.?

well... I speak German... I lived there for 10 years and passed the fluency test for a minor and for my work. I really haven't found anything that really work that well. Unfortunately there are far... Read More »

Where can I get a dictionary for Nokia mobile?

Mobile dictionary is a mobile application that translates words from one language to another. The application allows you to have English and two additional languages on your device at the same time... Read More »

Where is the Windows XP Outlook dictionary?

The Windows XP Outlook Dictionary is found by selecting "drive:\Documents and Settings>user>Application Data>Microsoft>Proof." Windows XP Outlook is a premium business and personal email managemen... Read More »