Where to Put Cologne on the Body?

Answer There is nothing more annoying than entering a room and becoming over powered by someone's perfume or cologne. What is pleasing is to smell just a scent of fragrance when someone passes by. How oft... Read More »

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How to Use Body Spray & Cologne?

When using body spray or cologne, you are trying to create allure and leave people around you enjoying your scent. Too much fragrance triggers breathing problems or allergies in some, turning them ... Read More »

What's the best smelling body spray or cologne for a guy?

chrome by azzaromove by adidasmost people like it their not too strongand their not expensive

How to Buy Cologne for Men?

Thanks to the acceptance of the metrosexual sensibility, men’s fragrances have become a staple item of a modern man’s grooming kit and although men have become more savvy on what to buy, choosi... Read More »

Does cologne go bad?

Cologne will last three to five years if properly stored. Colognes which are stored at room temperature, kept in sealed containers, and not exposed to direct sunlight will typically last closer to ... Read More »