Where to Find a commercial insurance company?

Answer A Broker is the best person for commercial insurance. They go thru many different companies that you would not have access to and find you the lowest rate.

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What is the average cost for COMMERCial liability insurance for a company?

The rate is based on the type of business you have and the gross receipts or payroll.

If you change insurance can the new company find out if any claim were made against you from the previous company?

Answer I have 2 claims for other companies and that hasn't affect me with the othe insurances. I don't think they can find out. Insurance Fraud If the application asks about previous claims and yo... Read More »

How do you obtain commercial auto insurance if you are trying to start a rental car company with one car?

Answer You would need to obtain a surety bond. The amount of cash or security needed would depend upon the amount of the bond.

You have a pest control company and full coverage ins on your two trucks do you need commercial auto insurance instead?

AnswerI own a small courier company. We are incorporated. We have to have commercial auto as our consumer auto company said they wouldn't cover accidents we had while doing business with our vehicl... Read More »