Where to Find Cheap Tongue Rings?

Answer In 2008, a study conducted by the Health Protection Agency and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine concluded that tongue piercings are riskier than any other body piercing. Still, in... Read More »

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Where can you find hypoallergenic belly rings?

The proper phrase is"Bio-Compatible" the term Hypo Allergenic means virtually nothing. It was a catch phrase that was meant to imply "body safe" or "nontoxic" and was developed by the make up indus... Read More »

Tongue Rings & Bad Breath?

Tongue rings have become a staple of popular culture, serving as an expression of body art. The actual rings have evolved from simple silver balls to complex colors and designs, including neon-colo... Read More »

Types of Tongue Rings?

One very popular oral piercing is the tongue ring. It's easy to conceal, easy to maintain and possibly very fun in sexual situations. Since a tongue piercing uses two very popular jewelry types, th... Read More »

Are tongue rings dangerous?

On One Hand: Get Proper Piercings and Do MaintenanceAs long as the person giving you the tongue piercing uses a sterile utensil and washes her hands properly, you have little risk of infection. Acc... Read More »