Where to Find Blitzball Recruits on "Final Fantasy X"?

Answer As you play Blitzball, a mini-game in "Final Fantasy X," you will need to actively recruit the best players available for your level. It's impossible to tell if a non-player character in the game p... Read More »

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Final Fantasy X Blitzball Tips?

"Final Fantasy X" -- a game from Square Enix for the Sony PlayStation 2 -- puts you in the shoes of Tidus, who must save the fantasy world of Spira from the evil Seymour Gaudo and a mysterious crea... Read More »

How Do I Sign Wakka at Blitzball in Final Fantasy X?

Blitzball is a sport that takes place in the game world of "Final Fantasy X." Wakka, one of the main characters in FFX, retires from being a Blitzball player at the beginning of the storyline. Howe... Read More »

How to Sign Blitzball Players on "Final Fantasy 10"?

Blitzball is a fast-paced fictional underwater sport, played as a mini-game in the video game "Final Fantasy X." It is accessed through save points found around the world. Signing players to improv... Read More »

How to Find Ixion in Final Fantasy XII?

This is an article on how to to find Ixion in FFXII. This mark is pretty hard to find so you have to try hard.