Where to hide my weed?

Answer She will find it regardless, if not, the cops will. How about showing me(and others) your intelligence, by not smoking weed in the first place?

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Where to buy weed in Kansas?

Just go hang out at some bars and stuff. You'll run into someone eventually.

Where is it legal to grow weed?

It is not legal to grow marijuana (weed) in the United States of America under federal law. Some states allow growing marijuana for medicinal use; however, growers are still subject to federal pros... Read More »

Where to get weed if all ur dealers are jerks?

After reading what you wrote carefully, I can understand what you are saying clearly. I'm 35 and I live in a medical Marijuana state. Before I got my card, it was always shady trying to make a ho... Read More »

Where can you buy weed in boston that's the safest?

If anyone told you, you would be most likely busted.