How many hoes do you have?

Answer 6 of them

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Why do you have so many hoes?

I don't have any hoes O_o *...waiting for ba* =P jk

How do I keep all my hoes in place?

I find it fairly easy to keep my hoes in line if I tie them up. A good hoe needs to be tied up. Or down. Orientation is a matter of personal preference.I find you don't need the backhand for levera... Read More »

When did Don Imus say 'nappy headed hoes'?

On April 4, 2007, controversial radio host Don Imus used the term satirically but derogatorily toward the Rutgers University women's basketball team. Despite his subsequent apologies, he was fired ... Read More »

I'm considering starting a charity called Homes for Hoes?

i suggest opening up your back door for as many hoes as you can take in. i do it myself all the free with your love and charity.

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