Where the hell is my sock?

Answer Simple solution to the sock lots of matching pairs of black socks, this way they don't go pink or grey and when the sock monster eats one it doesn't matter just keep it as a spare fo... Read More »

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Where did sock puppets come from?

Although puppets date back to the 11th century, sock puppets were first introduced in Spain by Muslim knitters in the early 1200s. Famous sock puppets and their puppeteers include Ed the Sock (Stev... Read More »

Where does that one sock go in the dryer?

HI! I eat them! yum yum! socks are best for a good amount of protine! YUMMMMM!ha ha but only the dog knows for sure!

Where does the lost sock in the washer and dryer go?

I think the lost socks, and car keys hold secret meetings of taking over the world but the keys are the only ones we end up finding because they are smart enough not to blow their cover...hmmm I th... Read More »

When a sock disappears from a dryer, where does it go?

Family Guy - Season 1 Episode 4 - Mind over Murder That should clear some things up for you.