Where should you keep things labelled as poison?

Answer Poisonous substances such as bleach and other cleansers should be kept in a cupboard with a child safety lock or regular lock. If possible use a high cupboard. More poisonous substances should be k... Read More »

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Why do I keep having visions of my head, tiny and shrunken, labelled and resting on a shelf somewhere?

You need to spend more time with yourself (alone, if ya know what i mean)

OMG where do you dig up the motivation to keep up on things?

I do my MAJOR cleaning on Mon. & Wed.(Mop, all the laundry,Dusting all the major stuff takes up a lot of time) I vacuum every other day, or sometimes 2x a week. All the other days are for straighte... Read More »

What should I do if my dog eats rat poison?

Dogs are naturally curious and love to nibble on everything they find. They become very sick and die when they ingest rat poison or even the the corpse of a poisoned rodent. Poisoning symptoms oft... Read More »

Mice. Best way, without heavy-duty poison or sealing up every little crack (come on!) to drive/keep them out?

If you get a ca...don't feed it, many cats will not chase mice, with a full belly.Poison, would and is the best